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Adidas T-19x Review – The Future of Home Running

Adidas may be a brand you know for their shoes and athletic wear rather than their home fitness equipment, but their new T-19x treadmill shouldn’t be ignored. The German company have used their considerable experience in sports to produce a top-of-the-line piece of equipment.

Sitting above the T-16 in Adidas’ treadmill line, the T-19x is a high-end home treadmill for runners that offers all the performance specs you need, with plenty of extra amenities to make your run more enjoyable.

Let’s take a closer look at the T-19x to find out what makes it such a good option for runners in search of a home treadmill.


As performance treadmills go, the T-19x’s frame is sleek and powerful. The metal side rails are sturdy yet streamlined, allowing you to take full strides without any restrictions.

Rather than a bulky full console up top, Adidas have opted for a thinner, lighter square pad. The 10.1” touchscreen lies in the center, and a separate tablet can be attached via the tablet holder on top. The circular attachment at the base of the console houses the treadmill’s speakers for your workout music.

Speaking of space, the T-19x can fold upwards to preserve your floor area. The treadmill comes equipped with a hydraulic soft-drop folding mechanism, which takes some serious strain off your body whenever you push the treadmill up or unfold it out.

Adidas boasts that the T-19x carries an orthopedic running belt to promote proper form. It also has some state-of-the-art NRG cushioning technology – the belt gives way slightly as your feet strike it, actively absorbing the shock of your stride and protecting your joints from injury.

The belt itself measures 20” x 60”, which is long enough to accommodate even full sprinting. The 20” width is standard for most treadmills, and gives you enough room to run comfortably without eating up excess floor space.

Core Features

If you’re looking for a treadmill that can keep up with even the most demanding workouts, the T-19x has you covered. The 4.0 CHP motor in this unit is one of the most dynamic on the market; the excess power ensures a smoother and quieter ride than you might find on treadmills with smaller motors.

That premium motor also translates into a top speed of just over 12.5mph. This makes the T-19x a great choice for runners looking to burn as many calories as possible, as well as walkers or joggers who prefer longer, more relaxed cardio sessions.

HIIT runners will love the T-19x’s 15 power incline levels, ranging from a flat surface to a full 15% gradient. Many treadmills under $2,000 only offer incline up to 12%; the extra 3% available here can better simulate tough hills and steep climbing work.

Running at even a small incline burns more calories and shortens your stride to work different muscles compared to running on a flat belt. So, whether you’re a seasoned athlete training for a competition or just someone looking to shed a few pounds, the T-19x has more than enough ways to help you do it.

Secondary Features

Performance may be the most critical aspect of any treadmill, but it’s the secondary features that really set many of the higher-end treadmills apart. The T-19x is no exception, with a complement of outstanding bells and whistles to take your workout to the next level.

The central console is streamlined without lacking in functionality. The 10.1” touchscreen is your center for programmed workouts, videos, and entertainment. The internet connectivity is a massive plus here – you can do everything from watch TV and videos to browse social media while getting your sweat session in.

On a more practical note, the touchscreen also displays an outstanding amount of data about your run.

Basic statistics like your running time, distance, and calories burned are standard, but the T-19x also shows information like average speed and steps taken to help you better track your workouts.

If you prefer to use your own tablet, you can also connect that via the tablet holder mounted to the top of the touchscreen.

The aux inputs and dedicated USB charging station are nice touches too; they ensure your devices will never run out of power in the middle of your workout.

Just below that vertical screen is a small deck. While it doesn’t have quite as much space as some competing treadmills, it provides enough of an area to store your water bottle, snacks, and devices. This is also where you can control the incline and speed settings with just a few taps, as well as turn the adjustable fan on and off.

Whether you’re watching videos or playing music, the 5-watt speakers on the T-19x offer more than enough volume to keep you motivated over long runs. The setup – with the speakers built into the bottom of the touchscreen – is convenient and doesn’t squander valuable deck space.

For longer or more complex runs, the T-19x comes with a full suite of pre-programmed workouts. There are 27 basic runs, while users looking for a more immersive experience can choose one of the three virtual runs.

For these three, you can run in exotic locales with vistas appearing on your touchscreen. The treadmill automatically adjusts the incline settings to mimic real-world running on all 30 of these workouts.

Finally, there are another three heart rate-controlled runs built into this treadmill. HRC programs automatically adjust the speed and incline of the treadmill to keep your heart rate consistent throughout your run.

If your heart rate begins to go up or down, the treadmill will adjust automatically to maintain a consistent level of physical exertion.

Your heart rate data comes courtesy of the EKG heart rate monitors built into the handlebars of the treadmill. A wireless pulse receiver is also standard, along with a boring-but-essential safety tether.


As you might expect, the 4 CHP motor delivers fast, smooth performance. It’s also quiet, without any rattling – a seemingly small quality that makes long sessions much more enjoyable.

The 27 programmed runs offer more than enough variety to keep any runner occupied – whether you prefer short sprints to burn calories or longer sessions to increase endurance, you’ll find preset options to suit your style.

However, the three virtual runs are a bit limiting; if you rely on different views to keep you motivated to run, you may find the T-19x’s options lacking. The absence of an iFit subscription – a bonus many other treadmills in this price range include – is noticeable. Bluetooth connectivity would have also been a nice add-in.

Other than those minor drawbacks, the T-19x’s performance is outstanding. The touch controls are intuitive and quick to navigate – the preset speed and incline buttons are especially helpful for fast changes – and the speakers do a great job of amping up your workout.

  • One of the most stylish treadmills around
  • Strong 4.0 HP motor with good top speed
  • Great media center with 10.1” display and entertainment apps
  • Folds and unfolds easily with soft-drop system
  • Display screen a little smaller than others on this list
  • Lacks a bit of storage space

Adidas T-19x

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Adidas T-19x
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