Top 7 Best Ellipticals For Seniors

Despite our best intentions, all the work we do and precautions we take, our bodies become frail over time. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to stop being physically active. On the contrary. 

But you definitely need to be more cautious. One of the best cardio options for seniors are ellipticals. This low impact machine has it all. Because of that, we have put together our list of top 7 best ellipticals for seniors. 

Some of these are also among the best ellipticals on the market currently. Later we will talk about which features to look for and more.

Top 7 Best Ellipticals For Seniors:​

Sole Fitness E25 is an impressive piece of machinery that absolutely brings all of the features you could possibly want out of an elliptical. It is by no means a compact model. No, this is a full sized piece of equipment that was never meant to be a space saver. That bulky nature does bring a number of benefits. For starters you are looking at a rock solid build quality, immense amounts of support and stability. 

Then there is the 20-22″ max stride length, which means that you have access to the full range of motion. This is important for users who are looking to preserve their flexibility and mobility. The flywheel found under the housing is massive but smooth. Sole Fitness has done a decent job at balancing the entire drive system in a way that makes it extremely silent during use. 

The console features a large display that is easily legible even from a distance, a built in fan, speakers and more features designed to make your workout easier. On top of that, the console itself features a bunch of awesome programs to choose from. Finally, this elliptical comes with a chest strap heart rate monitor as standard.

Speaking of serious ellipticals, the ProForm Endurance 920 E definitely falls within this category. This is not the most standard looking elliptical out there, that is for sure. However, the features it brings to the table make it a perfect piece of fitness equipment for seniors. Before we get to specific features, it is worth mentioning that Endurance 920 E is by far one of the best bang for the buck options on the market right now. 

At its very core lies a 25lb flywheel that is silent, smooth and extremely well balanced. Getting it up to speed is easy and aside from 24 levels of magnetic resistance, nothing else will stand in your way. The one feature that really makes this unit interesting is the adjustable power ramp. You are looking at up to 20 degrees of angle which adds layers of challenge to any workout routine. 

Speaking of which, this elliptical features a very complex console that is packed with all kinds of presets. On top of it you will find a large full color touchscreen unit that can serve as an entertainment screen. Also, ProForm has fitted these with oversized cushioned pedals for extra comfort during use.

Seniors are a very unique category of users when it comes to ellipticals. Some of them can handle the standard layout we’re all familiar with, but some may have special requirements. For those users something like Teeter FreeStep Recumbent Cross Trainer and Elliptical may be the perfect solution. This is a perfect minimal impact machine that guarantees a total body workout. 

Where it stands apart from most other models on our list is the fact that you don’t have to stand on it. Instead, you can recline and take advantage of the added stability made possible by the seat. Speaking of the seat, it’s a fully adjustable setup with an ergonomically contoured back-pad and seat itself. As a matter of fact, everything on this machine is adjustable including the handlebars. 

Teeter has designed this thing so that the flywheel is located under the seat. As far as the console goes, you’re looking at a very minimalist piece of tech. The whole thing is centered around a decently sized display which is there to allow you to track various stats as you exercise. Thanks to its layout, we can say that this is one of the few senior specific designs available.

Continuing with the hybrid machines, we run in to Body Champ 3-in-1 Trio Trainer. This machine is similar to the one we’ve just talked bout in a sense that it has a seat but that is about it. In reality, this is a legit elliptical that has a seat bolted onto it. There are tangible benefits of this approach. For one, you can use the 3-in-1 Trio Trainer as a standard elliptical. 

If you feel tired or don’t want to stand on the machine, you can take a seat and use it as a recumbent bike. This is made possible thanks to pedal like extensions which are mounted on the foot pads. One feature that Body Champ is proud of and likes to show off on this model are the three types of handlebars. This is where the 3-in-1 theme comes from. 

You have the standard elliptical handles, a bike type U shaped handle and a set of handles which are wrapping around the seat. The seat itself is fairly comfortable thanks to a decent amount of padding both on the seat and the back rest. The programmable console offers some 21 training programs, heart rate monitoring and much more.

Sunny Health & Fitness is one of those brands that is all about offering the best value for the money. Their magnetic SF-E3804 elliptical trainer really puts this claim to the test. For starters this is a standard elliptical which features 13″ stride length and a large set of pedals. The pedals features a rubberized texture which increases grip and makes the entire experience so much better. 

As far as drive goes, this particular model offers 8 levels of magnetic resistance courtesy of a rear mounted flywheel unit. The flywheel itself isn’t too large but it is large enough to pack a decent challenge. One thing we liked about this model is the frame. They have opted for a standard H patter frame but made it using pretty good tubing all around. 

The rear of the frame features level adjustment knobs which allow you to find the perfect balance no matter what. Console system on this model is a simple one. It packs a large display unit which is there mainly for monitoring your progress. What is important is that the display is easily legible making it suitable for seniors. Overall this is a great option for those on a budget.

Sunny is not the only brand that knows how to put together an affordable elliptical. Ncient also has a few aces up their sleeves in this regard. This particular model which we are looking at today represents a great option for those who want a simple machine that isn’t packed full with all kinds of software. Instead, what you get with this package is a spartan experience but one that will absolutely get the job done. 

Another detail worth mentioning is the size of this device. Whether ncient aimed to create a compact elliptical or not is up for discussion. The fact is that this model falls on the smaller side of the spectrum, which is awesome if you are dealing with limited space. The hardware inside is fairly respectable. This is a rear drive elliptical with a 14 inch stride length. 

The flywheel is more than decent and runs smooth thanks to the V-belt drive system. Even though belt drive ellipticals are not what you would call the optimal solution, this one performs great. Especially when you consider the price. Lastly, the console consists of a simple display unit that shows you all of your stats including heart rate.

Last model on our list comes from Body Champ. As far as affordable goes you will hardly find something cheaper that is actually worth investing in. Body Champ has managed to find what we think is a perfect balance between size, features and price. BR2117 sits on a slim yet very stable H pattern frame. Front of the frame is fitted with transportation wheels which makes moving this machine around pretty easy. 

The rear bar of the frame is where you will find a set of simple leveling devices. Step through design makes it a great choice of seniors and those who are dealing with reduced mobility. This is another elliptical which you could say is compact. The flywheel isn’t the largest out there, but it still delivers enough of a challenge when paired with the magnetic resistance selector. 

Rimmed, textured pedals ensure plenty of grip and a minimal risk of your foot slipping out during use. One of the surprising features that we didn’t expect to see is the heart rate monitor. You really don’t see that too often at this price. Overall, Body Champ BR2117 is the affordable model for those who are operating on a tight budget.

Why Ellipticals Are the Perfect Machine For Seniors

Human body changes with age. We work hard every day to preserve our muscle mass, our fitness levels and strength but it becomes an uphill battle at certain point. One of the areas which tend to go first are joints. 

Especially if you have been partaking in activities known to wear out knees, ankles and other. This complicates things when you want to do cardio later in life. Running soon becomes too taxing which is why most seniors are looking into low impact alternatives. 

One of the best options are ellipticals. Not only are these machines low impact, but unlike bikes, they allow you to work both the lower and upper body. Ellipticals just make sense.

Different Designs and Features

Another awesome detail about ellipticals is the fact that they come in a variety of formats. You have the standard upright versions but also the hybrid ones which incorporate elements of recumbent bikes into their design. 

Which one you will go with depends on whether you are good with standing or you need to sit down during your workout. Either way, you have plenty of options to choose from.

Length of Stride and Customization

If there are two features you should pay attention to when choosing the right elliptical for yourself, it should be the length of stride and how adjustable the entire device is. 

Length of stride is important because it can determine just how much of your lower body you’re activating during the workout. On the other hand, the best way to avoid injury, maximize performance and gains is to be able to fully adjust the elliptical to your own requirements. 

If the unit has a seat, that seat should be fully adjustable. You will also find a number of compact elliptical machines, which is something certain users might find attractive.

The Ver(ve)dict

Ellipticals are by far the best option for seniors who are looking to stay in shape. Their zero impact nature makes them great for those with joint issues or blown knees. 

Depending on the model you go with, you can get get a full body exercise without straining yourself too much. We strongly suggest that you make your choices based on the hardware features before you start looking at the software. 

Make sure that the elliptical is in line with your needs and requirements when it comes to size, comfort and other things. That way you’ll get the best performance.