Top 7 Spinning Bikes for Indoor Cycling

When you go shopping for indoor static bikes, you have several types to choose from. Most people go with a classic upright design because of its ease of use and added comfort. 

However, those who are up for a challenge may decide to go with indoor cycling bikes. Today we’re going to show you our top 7 picks for this category and later discuss the benefits of owning a bike of this type. 

By the time you’re done reading this guide, you should have all the necessary info to make the right decision and choose the right bike for yourself.

Top 7 Best Indoor Cycling Bikes for Spinning:

Indoor cycling bikes are all based on a more or less similardesign. However, there are outliers which said no to that canon and decided to do things differently. Life Fitness Lifecycle GX is one such bike. We are looking at a very sturdy but interesting bike which utilizes the classic H pattern base but moves into a more centered frame design as you go up.

Interestingly enough, the flywheel is not located in the front of the bike but rather in the back. In terms of stability, Lifecycle GX is about as good as it gets. It allows you to go really hard without noticing even a slightest amount of sway. The seat and handlebars are both fully adjustable meaning that you can find the perfect riding position.

One thing worth mentioning is that pedals feature a dual sided SPD design. If you are used to cycling with cleats, you can do so on this bike. Ride is incredibly smooth but also very organized. Life Fitness Lifecycle GX comes with a built in cycling computer which allows you to track and monitor your stats. Overall, this bike is up there with the very best you can get right now.

Those who are chasing features in their bikes often tend to focus mostly on built in computers, comfort related features and similar. With that said, BodyCraft SPX is full of awesome features but not the kind we have just described. Instead, this bike offers commercial grade performance that is guaranteed thanks to some fairly advanced components which are installed inside.

The frame is fairly standard in a sense that it uses the classic road bike geometry that is adapted to sit on a simple H pattern base. Both the seat and handlebars are fully adjustable vertically and horizontally. In terms of comfort, you are looking at a Velo saddle which is well contoured and does a lot towards reducing fatigue. One thing that really impressed us about this bike is how stable it is.

We are talking zero movement no matter what you do on it. The ride is extremely smooth thanks to a perimeter weighted flywheel which features precision machined surfaces. It is easily one of the smoothest and most fluid flywheels on the market. It also helps that it weighs 46lbs which translates to plenty of inertia. BodyCraft SPX is an awesome upper end machine for serious users.

Next we have another awesome commercial grade bike which introduces a number of interesting solutions. For starters, the frame on this thing is really beefy. We are talking thick steel tubing bolted onto a very well designed H pattern base. The drive system is well made, precise and smooth. It’s very easy to get up to speed and remain there.

When it comes to comfort, L Now LD577 has got it all covered thanks to the slightly more padded seat than we usually see. Both the seat and the handlebars are adjustable vertically and horizontally, meaning that you are guaranteed an optimal riding position. Where this bike steps above most other in its category is the cycling computer. Usually you don’t find this feature on commercial bikes. However, having the ability to monitor your stats and track your progress can be really handy.

In essence, you are getting all the benefits of a commercial bike paired with features often found in bikes designed specifically for home use. It is hard to argue against such a combination especially if you’re looking for a fairly serious workout machine that will serve you for a long time without becoming boring in any way.

Finding a good cycling bike in the mid range segment used to be fairly difficult. Fortunately for us, that is no longer the case. Now youcan find pretty decent mid range models which are almost always going to get you plenty of value for your money. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1002 is definitely one such model.

One of its most redeeming features has got to be its fairly compact size Even so, Sunny Health& Fitness has fitted SF-B1002 with all the features you would want to see on a cycling bike. The flywheel is a precision machined piece that runs smooth and surprisingly quiet. What we really like is the fact that the seat can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally. However, that isn’t the case with the handlebars. They are only adjustable by height.

With that said, it is still possible to find a good riding position. Pedals on this bike feature cages with adjustable straps as well as plenty of of gripping surface. Needless to say, you will be able to drive into the pedals without having to worry about anything. Overall, Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1002 is one of those bikes that offer a lot for the money.

Compared to most cycling bikes out there, Trbitty Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike feels a lot more domesticated. It’s still true to the canon design of cycling bikes but it comes with certain add-ons. Lets start from the basics. Trbitty Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike features a very solid frame that sits on the classic H patter base. They have used quality steel for tubing, but you don’t see a lot of unnecessary material.

Drive system features a belt connecting the pedals to a 49lbs flywheel. It’s a rather massive unit for a bike of this size, but it smooth enough to a point where you don’t feel the extra weight all too much. Naturally, once you get up to speed that additional inertia definitely adds to the performance of this bike. The seat is fully adjustable and somewhat wider compared to most indoor cycling seats.

With that said, comfort is on a respectable level. Here’s where Trbitty Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike stands out from its direct competition. Not only does it feature a simple but effective cycling computer, but it also comes with a small media shelf. Latter is big enough to house a regular size smart phone.

Next model we want to show you represents best of what lower mid range segment has to offer. IT is a simple, durable and sturdy bike with enough features to keep satisfy even the more demanding users. The frame itself feels pretty minimalist.

They have used square tubing of good quality. With that said, the frame is not over engineered like many of them are these days. Seat is fully adjustable and comes in form of a very sleek contoured unit.In terms of comfort, it’s quite alright. You can find a decentriding position with not much effort. Flywheel is pretty hefty in both size and weight making it very challenging. Even so the ride is pretty smooth with plenty of inertia. Pedals are pretty decent as well, with a built in toe cage and a plenty of gripping surface to plant your feet on when riding.

That isn’t the end of what Exerpeutic LX7 offers. You also get a small but efficient cycling computer which allows you to track and monitor your progress. The display unit can show two variables at a time, making it one of the better ones. Overall, this bike is an awesome beginner model.

Last but not least we have the Merax Indoor Cycling Bike. It is by far one of the most affordable cycling bikes you can get. Merax has built this bike on a very rugged frame. Here’s where things become interesting. The frame on this bike is more rugged than that on a number of more expensive models.

You get plenty of support beams in all he right places. Another surprising fact is that both the seat and handlebars are fully adjustable. Speaking of the seat, it packs plenty of padding but also features a relatively comfortable shape. All in all you don’t have to worry about fatigue. The flywheel is surprisingly good for a bike in this price range. We are talking smooth performance, plenty of inertia and a great belt drive system linking the flywheel with the pedals.

Speaking of which, pedals come with toe cages and adjustable straps. As the final piece of icing on top, you also get a simple cycling computer. It is about as basic as it gets, but it allows you to track your stats and plan out workout routines. In this particular price range, you can’t really ask for much more than that.

What Are Indoor Cycling Bikes?

Unless you are really into the fitness game, chances are you haven’t even heard of indoor cycling bikes. They are not all that popular among casual users for a number of reasons. However, that doesn’t change the fact that these are among the best exercise bikes you can find out there

The best way to describe an indoor cycling bike is to compare it to a road bike. After all, they have far too many similarities. If you take a look at any of the models on our list, you will see that just about all of them feature that standard bike frame design where you have angled main supports, a front fork and overall similar geometry to a road bike. 

However, that isn’t all. Unlike upright bikes or even recumbent exercise bikes, the pedals aren’t bolted directly to the flywheel. Instead, there is an actual drive train which links the pedals to the said flywheel. The purpose of this is to offer the user a much more authentic experience.

Benefits Of Indoor Spinning Bikes

Now that we know what indoor cycling bikes are, the next logical question is what are their main benefits? What would drive someone to get this over a more comfortable, classic upright model? 

There are several reasons why cycling bikes are gaining in popularity. Authentic experience, versatility and stability are the most important ones.

Authentic Experience

As vague as this may sound, cycling bikes are about as close as you can get to an actual road bike. We have already mentioned the different drive system that’s in use, but we have to elaborate on that topic. There is a significant difference between propelling the flywheel directly and doing so indirectly. 

Both will get you a good workout, but latter feels more natural. This also explains why most professional cyclists prefer cycling bikes over other alternatives. Another detail that goes into authenticity is the seating position. 

You are not reclined. Instead, you are using a very aggressive stance with your bottom riding pretty high and your upper body leaning on the handlebars. Again, it is all about that authentic experience.


When we say versatility, we aren’t really talking about the weight of the bike or how maneuverable it is. Versatility we are talking about has to do with what you can and can not do on the bike. Any other type of exercise bikes will require you to remain seated for the duration of the exercise. 

You probably could stand on the pedals but chances are that quite negatively affect your bike. Since the pedals are not bolted to a flywheel, indoor cycling bikes allow you to stand on the pedals without risking anything. 

If you are not aware, biking while standing is one of the most intensive workouts you can perform on a bike of any kind. Having that ability at home can mean a lot depending on how serious you are about your fitness.


The last most important benefit of using indoor cycling or spinning bikes is their stability.Most exercise bikes are stable, but cycling bikes are actually designed to take the full brunt of an intensive workout. That is why most models on our list pack a very sturdy frame which won’t budge no matter how hard you go. 

Some may think that more robust frames also equal increased weight. That isn’t necessarily true. It all depends on the materials used and the actual design of the bike in question.

Features To Look For

One pretty interesting fact about indoor cycling bikes is that they aren’t packed full with features. You will very rarely find things like complex computer modules or multiple workout presets. That stuff is more or less reserved for other types of exercise bikes. 

Because of their inherent simplicity, the most important features you will want to have in your bike are a good flywheel and fully adjustable contact surfaces. Flywheel weight, design and quality will determine how smooth and fluid your ride will be. Fortunately most bikes these day meet these standards with ease, but especially models on our list. 

In terms of adjustable contact surfaces, we always recommend both vertical and horizontal adjustment for the seat as well as the handlebars. This way you are guaranteed to find a good, comfortable and healthy riding position. Last but not least, we should mention pedals. 

Pedals need to offer good grip while they also need to come with some sort of straps. Whether you get full on cages or just straps is up to you. What matters the most is that you can secure your feet and maintain positive grip during your workout.

The Ver(ve)dict!

When it is all said and done, Life Fitness Lifecycle GX easily comes on top. Sure, it isn’t the most affordable bike on the market, but it just covers all of basics as well as advanced features you would want in a bike like this. 

We have listed a fair number of bikes which hit that value for the money spot as well. It turns out that shopping for indoor cycling bikes isn’t that hard due to their inherent design. 

No matter which model from our list you go with, you won’t be disappointed. That much we are certain off.