Top 7 Best Magnetic Rowing Machines – Smooth and Strong Experience

With rowing machines growing more and more in popularity, we are seeing a noticeable influx of awesome models across the entire market. One segment that is slowly starting to stand out are magnetic rowing machines. 

Today we are going to show you our picks for the top 9 best magnetic rowing machines you can find right now. Naturally, some of these are among the best rowing machines overalls

After we go over our picks, we are going to spend some time discussing the benefits of magnetic resistance rowers. As it turns out, there are pretty tangible advantages to this design.

Top 7 Best Magnetic Rowing Machines:

One of the more niche types of rowers are the magnetic/air hybrids. These machines utilize both air and magnets to induce resistance, which gives you a more organic experience while you also retain that magnetic precision. XTERRA Fitness ERG700 is a minimalist model from this niche, but one that offers so much at a very reasonable price.

The frame is super light, stable and easy to adjust as well as level. On top of all that, it folds up quite nicely when you’re done rowing for the day. Manual resistance comes in 16 different levels which you can choose using the built in control module. However, this rower offers a more interesting solution to that. You get ten programs, all of which are optimized for different goals. You can choose between time trials, strength programs, cardio, optimal fat burn and more.

The display that comes with the unit is not as large as we’d like it to be, but it is perfectly legible. Reading your stats is very easy even if you are in the furthers position from it. Overall, this rower is designed for those who want a good exercise but are willing to invest a bit more.

Higher end magnetic rowers are definitely something to behold. Especially when you run into a model similar to Stamina Avari. This is a sleek machine which is all about having a small footprint and offering the best performance you can get for your money. The whole thing sits comfortably on a simple yet robust frame which is fairly adjustable.

The seat is a low profile piece which guarantees enough comfort for the duration of the exercise. Stamina Avari comes with a smooth, precisely machined flywheel. The balance on this thing is great, especially when you get it rolling. That is great considering that magnetic resistance is adjusted via the built in computer module. Fitted with a large LCD display, the module on this rower is easy to use and read. All of the relevant info is listed very clearly in well defined fields. In terms of exercise features, you have a number of pre-programmed presets which you can access.

These routines are great for beginners or those who need a more challenging exercise. Seven of the 12 available presets feature automatic resistance control, which is always a huge plus with these machines. Overall, Avari is a great choice for anyone.

Goplus is one of those brands that is very much involved in the fitness industry. They offer machines of all kinds, usually aimed at budget buyers or those who need a good bang for the buck value. Speaking of which, Goplus has earned quite a reputation for providing exactly that, a good value for your money. Goplus Folding Rower perfectly describes what kind of package we are talking about here.

It is a lightweight rower designed to be used in confined spaces where every piece of real estate counts. However, it was also designed to give you the best possible workout you could get for the money. Sitting on a robust, stable frame, this rower makes it easy to go hard. Internals are great as is the magnetic resistance system. The seat is pretty generous as well, albeit pretty simple in nature.

Even though it comes with a built in computer module, resistance on this machine is adjusted manually via a resistance selection knob. The module that sits at the front of the device is mainly designed for keeping track of your progress and various parameters as you work out. If you’re on a budget, this rower is absolutely great.

Titan Fitness is another brand that has been doing a lot towards designing an affordable magnetic rower that meets all the necessary requirements in terms of performance, all while being accessible to most. In a way they have achieved that with this particular model.

The key was to use a fairly popular design which has been tried and tested numerous times by now. Truth be told the frame they have used for this model is a bit interesting as it features a crescent component at the front. Also, the entire rail is angled slightly, which definitely adds to the workout. One thing to notice is that this is a pretty light rower, which makes it great for storage. Speaking of storage, Titan Adjustable Magnetic Resistance Rowing Machine isn’t folding in nature, but hat crescent component serves as a stand.

In other words, you can store this bad boy upright in your closet or wherever. The machine features a magnetic resistance control knob and a built in LCD module. The type of parameters you can track using this system is pretty basic and comes down to calories, rows per minute, total rows, and time. Even so, it’s a very decent package

Merax adjustable rower is definitely one of the more interesting models on the market. This rings true for a number of reasons. At a first glance it may not look like much. After all, you are getting what appears to be that very same design and layout that we are seeing numerous models from this price range. However, looks can be quite deceiving with this one until you come closer and inspect it properly.

For starters, Merax did an awesome job in terms of aesthetics. In a market literally flooded with bland gray fitness machines, it is quite refreshing to see something different. It leaves an impression of a designer who actually invested some effort into the looks of their product. Moving on we see a folding frame. This makes it super easy to transform into an upright position and store away.

The drive system is pretty much what you would expect. In other words, you have manual resistance control via the knob located under the console. The console itself is pretty simple and allows you to track your progress and not much more than that. Merax has nailed the bang for the buck aspect with this one for sure.

Efitment is another brand that is operating in the affordable segment of the rowing machine market. As as matter of fact, their offer spans across different types of fitness machines. The most important thing is that their designs are usually reliable, simple and bring a lot to the table at a decent price.

Despite using what is essentially a common design in this segment, Efitment has added a few of their own details. For example, the seat is a very interesting design compared to most of its competition. Where many other brands go for a solid plastic seat, Efitment went with a padded, wider seat. Depending on your preference, this may or may not be a good thing. However, it definitely helps for beginners. The frame is pretty robust and folds up quite nicely, so there’s no issues there either.

As expected, this model uses the simple manual resistance selector for adjustments while all of your stats are listed on a simple yet very readable LCD display below the handles. If you are on a budget and want something comfortable, this might be the best option for you. Efitment has definitely invested more time and effort on comfort than most.

If you are familiar with good entry level fitness machines, chances are that you have heard of Marcy. This brand has always been a good source of affordable but effective machines which offer more than the bare minimum. In this particular case, you get a few additional options which are a rare sight at this price.

Starting with the frame we see a pretty light setup that is designed to fold. One good thing about this design is the fact that there are three load bearing points present on the frame, compared to the usual two. The seat is a solid piece that has been ergonomically molded to increase comfort. It rides smoothly along the rail, so there won’t be any issues there for sure. The resistance selection knob is pretty much where you would expect it to be and it offers 8 different levels of tension.

Here is where Marcy really took things in a positive direction. Instead of installing a small LCD display, they have installed an entire module which is independent from the main enclosure. Not only do you get a larger display but it also features a media shelf where you can place a tablet.

Benefits Of Magnetic Rowers

Magnetic resistance is one of those inventions that has completely changed the fitness industry. With magnetic resistance you can work out at home with a good amount of flexibility and even more importantly, consistency. 

Is this type of induced resistance the best? That depends on you and your needs. For some, hydraulic rowing machines might be a much better choice. However there are many arguments to be made in favor of magnetic resistance over its alternatives. 

For starters, you can find them anywhere from the entry level segment of the market all the way up among the $1000 rowing machines. Lets take a look at what makes magnetic rowers so attractive.

Simplicity of Design

Simplicity is often times one of the most sought after traits in any design, no matter what industry you’re talking about. Simple devices and machines fail much less frequently, which is always a good thing. Magnetic rowers offer a sort of consistency and reliability that other designs simply can’t achieve. 

At its core, a magnetic rower is comprised of two main components. The whole thing revolves around a flywheel and a magnet. Flywheel is there it introduce raw mass and inertia to the equation. On the other hand, the magnet is there to simulate resistance. 

Here’s how it works. The magnet is adjustable as in you can move it closer or further away from the flywheel. By manipulating the selector knob or whatever means of resistance control you have, you are essentially moving the magnet within the flywheel housing. 

Sine there is no friction or direct contact between two materials, this type of setup is very reliable and easy to maintain.

Understanding The Benefits Of Magnetic Rowers

So what are the main benefits of using a magnetic rower? There are few which are very obvious. For starters, these machines can be fairly affordable which makes them perfect for budget users and those who are just getting into rowing. However, there are some pretty advanced magnetic rowers on the market. 

The other thing to consider is that higher end magnetic rowers allow you to create meticulous workout regimens which you can count on no matter what. Overall, you could say that you are getting the best bang for the buck in most cases with magnetic resistance rowing machines.

The Ver(ve)dict

The models we have listed above are definitely some of the absolute best magnetic rowers on the market. We did our best to select those machines which have a proven track record, solid performance and a diverse selection of features. 

As you can probably tell, we have included models from a variety of different price ranges. This way you are almost guaranteed to find something suitable no matter what your budget is. 

We definitely suggest that you get the best model your money can buy, especially if you’re serious about rowing. It’s simply the best way to approach this task.