Top 5 Best Rowing Machines Under $1000 – Premium Equipment for Enthusiasts

Rowing machines come in a whole variety of different formats. While there are some pretty awesome budget models, sometimes you might need something more. Because of that, we have put together a list of top 5 best rowing machines under $1000. 

These are up there with the best rowers on the market, that is for sure. After we go over our picks, we will discuss just what kind of features you can expect to see in this price range. As you are about to find out, models from this category are packed with some pretty awesome features, options and hardware.

5 Best Rowing Machines Under $1000:

Concept2 is a brand that is well known among the rowing community, but not so much outside of it. Despite all that, Concept2 currently makes what is most likely the best air resistance rower on the market. Model D offers a whole lot of awesome benefits to its users. These range from hardware options to pure build quality. However, the biggest advantage you get with this setup isthe fact that it was designed for gym use.

This means that your chances of having reliability issues are close to none. Since it is an air rower, you are presented with a very progressive resistance curve. There are no defined resistance levels, nor is there a way to limit how hard you can go. Instead, the harder you row, more resistance you are presented with. This simple fact is what makes air rowers so great, especially for commercial use.

Aside from the awesome air fan, you also get a great display unit which is very easy to use and rather legible. All of this sits firmly on a frame that splits into two pieces for easier storage. At this price, Model D is most likely your best option all things considered.

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Water rowers are a whole different kind of machine compared to just about anything else on the market. The secret is in the way this type of rower achieves resistance but also how that resistance feels as you row. Simulating actual rowing is hard since water compresses in a very specific way. WaterRower is a company which is responsible for the proliferation of water rowers and their breakthrough to the mainstream.

A1 represents their more basic model which offers rock solid core performance without some of the extra details and aesthetic solutions. Unless you really need an all steel tube frame, A1 will get the job done just fine. The rower sits on a wooden frame which has metal reinforcements in all the right places. This gives it a fairly neutral look.

The water tank which contains the submerged flywheel is easy to maintain and control. You can increase or decrease maximum resistance by adding or removing water from the tank. That being said, water rowers offer linear resistance curves, which makes them fairly similar to air rowers in a way. Last but not least, you have a small but capable display unit which makes tracking your stats very easy.

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The success of WaterRower and their design caused quite a commotion in the industry. It didn’t take long for other brands to get on the same train. One such brand is Pure Design Fitness with their Valor water rower. Pure Design Fitness has taken a very logical approach to designing this rower. Instead of trying to reinvent the water rower, they took the best part of the original design and improved upon it.

Honestly, there wasn’t much to improve anyway, but they did put their own spin on it. The result is a water rower with a very streamlined performance. The frame is that same wooden design with a very sturdy metal subframe. This combo is known for offering the best balance of rigidity, reliability and aesthetics. Water tank sits behind a metal cage, which both protects it and keeps it out of the way.

The flywheel on this model is rock solid and quite smooth all things considered. As expected, you also get a small yet functional display unit which makes tracking your progress quite easy. All of this is great, but what really makes this rower attractive is the fact that it comes at a very attractive price.

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Next, we have another water rower to show you, but this one is very different from our previous picks. Stamina is a brand that has always tried to do things differently. Whether that means adding small improvements to an existing design, or a creating a completely new rower from scratch, Stamina is going to get it done with ease.

Their X series water rower offers innovations in frame design which make it incredibly competitive at the moment. Water rowers are generally large machines that take a whole lot of space. Stamina has found a way to put that whole experience in a frame that puts it well within the compact territory. Implications of this are obvious. Stamina X water rower is much easier to store, move and use in tight quarters.

The best part about the whole thing is that you aren’t losing anything in terms of performance. You still get that trademark water tank with a submerged flywheel. You still have a full length of pull at your disposal. The only thing that changed is the size of the machine. As far as advanced compact rowers go, this is pretty much one of the best options available out there.

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At the very end of our list we have a cool magnetic rower to show you. The cool thing about magnetic rowers is that they can be simple, but also quite complex depending on what you are looking for. The ASUNA 4500 folding rower is closer to the latter. Even though it may seem pretty average from a distance, there are many features which become apparent as soon as you take a closer look.

Starting from the basics, we see a very simple frame with a robust rail and an easy way to get into a folded position. Unlike some folding rowers, nothing moves or jiggles on this frame when you use it. At this price, one of the things you can count on is good build quality no matter what. Following that assertion, we run into the features package.

These come in form of a built-in heart rate monitor, a contoured cushioned seat and more. The drive system is controlled by the computer module, which means that you can select various workout presets as well as manually choose resistance. When you put it all together on a piece of paper, ASUNA 4500 is anything but your ordinary magnetic rower.

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What To Expect From A $1000 Rowing Machine?

Once your budget allows you to look into machines such as the ones above, you are open to a whole new world of options and features. Naming the benefits of an average $1000 rower is hard for a number of reasons. For starters, any kind of rower can be found in this segment. We are talking all kinds of resistance systems. 

If you are into water rowers, you will find great models here. Likewise, if you are into standard magnetic rowers, there will be a few of those as well. That is beauty of having such a forgiving budget at your side. Another thing to keep in mind is that a good number of these machines were designed to withstand commercial use as well as standard casual use. 

In other words, you are guaranteed good performance, durability and overall reliability. If you are the kind of user who likes to push their hardware to the limits, that kind of reputation and build quality is something you want to have in your corner. But wait, there is more.

Finding The Right Model For You

Finding the perfect model for your needs in this price range is quite easy as long as you know exactly what you need. Knowing which features you need and which you can live without is essential to finding a good rower. The good thing is that this segment of the market has it all, as we have previously discussed. 

Our only recommendation is to spend a bit more time researching what you need right now and what you might need in the future. That can make things so much easier for you down the road.

The Ver(ve)dict!

Higher end rowers are a blast to work with. A machine that looks good, is full of awesome features and makes your workouts easy is the kind of rower you will come back to every day. The models we have listed above are by far some of the best on the market. 

We have tried to find the absolute best cross section and show you exactly what kind of performances and features you can expect to see for this kind of money. Naturally, there are many other awesome models which fit the bill, but which didn’t quite make the cut.

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