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Exerpeutic TF2000 Review – Senior-Focused Treadmill with Impressive Per-formance

If you’re a senior who enjoys walking, it may be hard to find a treadmill that truly suits your needs. Though treadmills offer undeniable advantages in cushioning and convenience when compared to outdoor walking, many treadmills are expensive and lack the features to ensure your safety and balance.

The Exerpeutic TF2000 is the answer to those problems. This home walking treadmill for seniors is built from the ground up with stability for seniors in mind to ensure you get everything you need for a better walking expe-rience.

Let’s break down the details and show what makes the Exerpeutic TF2000 such a good pick.


The most striking features on the TF2000 are the extended padded side rails, which stretch the full length of the treadmill.

These are perfect for seniors who need a little extra support while they exercise on the treadmill. They can also be set up to face slightly in or slant out, accommodating seniors with both narrower and wider grips.

Like the handrails, the rest of the frame is also designed with stability and durability in mind. The central console features another set of handlebars for added security when walking or jogging. A safety tether instantly shuts off the machine if you can’t keep up with the pace.

The treadmill deck rests on multiple stabilizers, which keep the machine from shifting around while in use. Wheels are also built in to transport the TF2000, though unfortunately it doesn’t fold up when not being used.

The tread belt itself is only elevated 5” off the ground. Even seniors who have difficulty with stairs or other jumps should be able to handle this with ease. The TF2000 also features dash markings on the tread belt – a handy visual indicator of how fast the belt is moving at any time.

If you need to hop off the belt quickly, black reinforced panels are mounted to the sides of the deck. You can rest on these panels before getting back onto the moving surface.

The walking surface is 16” wide by 50” long – it’s a bit more cramped than the 20”-wide treadmills you’ll find in many gyms, but this will suit the vast majority of seniors just fine. The narrower belt is less noticeable when walking at lower speeds.

Finally, ten shock-absorbing cushions mounted underneath the belt provide joint and bone sup-port.

Core Features

For a treadmill designed for walking, the TF2000’s performance outshines many of its peers. The 1.5 CHP motor runs up to 5mph. While it’s not enough for a full sprint, it’s more than capable for walking and even light jogging.

The LCD screen allows you to adjust the speed in increments of 0.1 mph at a time. It’s therefore very easy to find your sweet spot on this machine – the precision is great for pushing yourself without overdoing it.

At 1.5 CHP, this motor is also more powerful than many other walking treadmills. That translates to a quieter, smoother ride than you’ll find on comparable machines. While the TF2000 doesn’t offer any incline settings, you’ll find that they’re not necessary for the lighter exercise that many seniors prefer.

Secondary Features

Though it doesn’t have all of the amenities you might find on treadmills built for athletic runners, the TF2000 offers an impressive set of secondary features geared towards seniors looking for more laid-back cardio.

For example, a backlit LCD screen dominates the central console. This displays your speed, along with other data: distance walked, time spent moving, calories burnt, and pulse. Sensors in the front handlebars record your heart rate, helping you maintain a consistent level of exertion throughout your session.

You can control the treadmill through buttons placed just below the screen. In addition to the safe-ty tether mentioned above, there’s a large emergency stop button located here. If you have set the speed too fast or you start to feel tired, just press the button to turn off the belt immediately.

Two large cup holders flank the LCD screen. These are great for storing a water bottle or TV remote as you walk. You may also be able to place a speaker in the holders for music during your session!

Like most other treadmills aimed at seniors, the TF2000 doesn’t offer a touchscreen or speakers to play music out of the treadmill. If you’d like some more entertainment during your treadmill time, you can use the built-in wheels to move the machine to a room with a TV or music player.

The TF2000 also ships with an excellent warranty – the motor is covered for five years, while the frame is covered for three years and other parts for 90 days. If anything breaks, you’ve got peace of mind. No need to worry about expensive replacements!


Though the ancillary features are fun to discuss, performance is the most important part of any treadmill. As in other categories, the TF2000 delivers here.

The 1.5 CHP motor is equipped with Exerpeutic’s ‘Quiet Drive’, designed to minimize noise when walking and keep the belt’s movements as smooth as possible.

It delivers as advertised, operating without much noise when pushed hard and practically silently at low speeds.

When turning on the treadmill, you’ll notice a countdown until the machine starts moving. While it may be a minor item, this can be very helpful for seniors just starting out on a treadmill program.

The small speed increments are another nice touch, as the motor delivers every small adjustment without any sudden change in velocity.

  • Full-length side railings provide stability
  • Powerful, quiet motor
  • Good tread belt cushioning
  • LCD display in console
  • 16” belt is a bit narrow
  • Treadmill doesn’t fold up

Exerpeutic TF2000

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It’s rare to find a treadmill that’s so perfectly optimized for one group as the Exerpeutic TF2000 is for seniors. This machine contains all of the essential performance specs with thoughtful touches that add to an impressive total package.

At well under $1,000, the TF2000 is an affordable buy for most home treadmill users. The durable, frame and solid construction belie its inexpensive price; the rugged steel setup wouldn’t be out of place on a far more expensive model.

Whether you’re a senior just looking to get in shape with some light walking, or you need to rehab from a health setback, the Exerpeutic TF2000 should be on your radar. It’s hard to top this tread-mill’s mixture of build quality, performance and value.


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Exerpeutic TF2000
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