Frequently Asked Questions: You Asked, We Answer

As one of the top fitness websites around, Fitness Verve welcomes hundreds of new visitors every day – and we couldn’t be happier to share our knowledge and passion for fitness.

Due to having so many visitors, we are asked many questions about who we are, how we write and how we operate.

To make life easier for everybody, we have collected together some of the most frequently asked questions and answered them below. If we haven’t answered your question, or you feel we should add to this list, please get in touch!

Frequently Asked Questions

We have a great team of professional fitness writers who put together our articles, guides and reviews to help you make the most of your fitness gear.

We have muscle-building experts, calisthenics masters, fitness authors and enthusiastic young writers, all linked by one love – fitness. Our writers are profiled in more detail on our team page. Check it out to learn more.

You may have noticed that we use the word ‘research’ quite a lot. This is because – while we aim to test as many items as we can – it’s not always possible. We don’t have a huge warehouse to keep everything in, so we are selective with what we can test.

For everything else, we write reviews based on in-depth research. We read user reviews, manufacturer notes, industry articles and watch videos to see how the product performs. If we like it, we usually include it on the site. If we don’t… we don’t!

Whether we are hands-on testing something or writing a review based on research, we always approach the product impartially, with an open mind. This could be for a budget pair of lifting shoes or a high-end treadmill – our process is always the same.

As we have mentioned, we only include things that we like. We limit ourselves to top ten lists, which means we have to be selective with our picks.

When we only have ten spots and one hundred treadmills, why would we include bad ones? We want you to be enjoying quality fitness gear that helps you perform better, so we highlight the best products on the market, giving you a quick snapshot of what’s good.

However, we always try to remind you that other products are available. You may browse the market yourself and find different gear that suits you better. In fact, we recommend you do that before making a purchase.

Our guides are not set in stone either – we change our charts and tweak our content regularly to keep it up-to-date with what’s hot at the moment.

Fitness Verve has been around since 2014. When we first established the site, we only had a small team of less-experienced writers, producing articles that – looking back – are not the highest-quality.

More than five years on, our team is much more experienced and we have improved the expertise and writing quality drastically, not to mention the design of the site.

Of course, some poorly-written articles and reviews still remain. We are working towards replacing each of them with revised text featuring up-to-date information and the same high standards we have set for the newer articles. Naturally, this is a lengthy process – stick with us!

If you notice something that is exceptionally bad, or would like to see something revised in particular, please let us know!

To run such a big website, we have to generate an income. But, as you may have noticed, there are no annoying adverts popping up on the pages.

Instead, we use subtle affiliate advertising. We have an entire page dedicated to explaining, although – in short – it means you can enjoy a clutter-free site while we earn a referral fee if you buy something via one of our links. This is at no extra cost to you.

Wherever you choose to purchase your products, you can rest assured that we only recommend items that we would use ourselves. We never allow marketplaces or manufacturers to influence our decisions, which is why we do not accept advertising or sponsored articles.

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