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Hyperwear Hyper Vest Elite Review – Resistance Running at its Finest

Adding a weighted vest to your workout can be just the challenge you need to spark progress – whether you’re working on building your pullup strength, enduring a grueling CrossFit WOD, or simply want to add some resistance to your morning run.

When browsing the vest market, one brand seems to stand out above the others – Hyperwear. While their Hyper Vest Pro remains one of the most popular weighted vests out there, their upgraded Hyper Vest Elite is their most premium offering, proving one of the top weighted vests for running.

Of course, upgrading an already pricey vest results in an even higher price. So, is it worth the cash? We’re going to find out in this review…


If you’ve had experience with other weighted vests, the first thing you notice about the Hyper Vest Elite is how thin it is. As you put it on, you realize what a difference this makes to your workout, as the low-profile design doesn’t impede your movement.

The fit is very comfortable, hugging your body nicely whether you are wearing it over training clothes or against bare skin. The addition of adjustable elastic cords on the sides of the vest in lieu of material means achieving a perfect fit is simple.

This cord system is also a bonus when it comes to providing a little extra ventilation for those searing summer workouts.

However, this is only the case if you have the right size to begin with. The Hyper Vest Elite comes in sizes ranging from small (suitable if you are around 5ft) to extra-large (for people pushing 6ft 5).

Doing a little research on the sizes – on the official website or via a reliable marketplace – will result in the ideal fit for you. It’s also worth pointing out that the Elite is a unisex design.

A quick word on the aesthetics and the Hyper Vest Elite is undoubtedly one of the most attractive vests on the market. This is largely down to the slimline design, as well as the stealthy black color scheme and splashes of bright orange. Pretty cool.


When it comes to the actual weight, the Elite delivers the same unique system as the Pro, dispersing the mass evenly, while retaining a low-profile design. This is thanks to a series of pockets across the front and back of the vest, each holding up to two 2.25oz high-density steel bars.

How many steel bars the vest comes with depends on the size you select, with a 5lb difference between sizes. For example, the small vest packs 15lbs, while the medium offers 20lbs, and so on.

You can add and remove weight around the jacket depending on your requirements. It’s a simple but very effective system, which is fully deserving of the high-praise it is given.

The vest itself is made from Cordura fabric, which is very hardwearing, while also offering the wicking, breathable and even odor-blocking properties you would expect from any high-end sports clothing.

Aside from the use of Cordura, what sets this one apart from the lower-end Pro version is the addition of reflective material on the front zip and side lacing. This is ideal for low-light outdoor runs, as no additional reflective vest or lighting is needed for motorists to see you.

Finally, the Elite comes with a sheet of workout tips specific to weighted vests to help you get the most from your new garment, as well as a one-year warranty should something go wrong.


If you spend considerable money on one of the highest-rated weighted vests, you expect it to deliver a top-notch performance. The Elite certainly lives up to expectations.

This vest is designed and crafted to move with you, flexing as you turn and expanding as you breathe. It’s not tight, but nice and snug, so it doesn’t jiggle around. This means you avoid any nasty chafing – especially if you are wearing over bare skin.

The pocket weight system is useful for changing the weight in tiny increments, allowing you add more as you progress. This micro-loading system is also ideal for improving bodyweight exercises, such as squats, pullups and dips.

The Elite also proves very suitable for running. Not only does the flexible weight system allow you to add weight to improve your speed and stamina, it features a patented design that prevents the movement of the weights, eliminating the annoying ‘bounce effect’.

The fact it contours nicely to your body, while also providing good ventilation and visibility in low light, are further reasons runners should check it out.

  • Fits well on all body sizes, with precise adjustability
  • Stylish low-profile design
  • Unique pocket weight system for micro loading
  • Made with highly-durable Cordura fabric
  • Features reflective areas so it’s ideal for outdoor running
  • Even for the high-end design, the price feels a bit high
  • No storage pockets of any kind

Hyperwear Hyper Vest Elite

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The Ver(ve)dict

The Ver(ve)dict

Long story short, the Hyper Vest Elite rocks. If used correctly, it will end up causing you a lot of workout discomfort – the good kind, which makes you stronger, faster and able to go for longer.

The design and build make it hard to beat. The price will certainly put some people off, as will the maximum weight. But, if you’re a keen runner or are looking to increase your calisthenic gains, the Hyper Vest Elite is a powerful tool to have at your disposal.


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Hyperwear Hyper Vest Elite
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