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Marcy MD-9010G Review – True Commercial Gym Experience at Home

If you’ve been searching for a good home gym, chances are you have come across the name Marcy. This historic American fitness brand was established by Dr. Walter Marcyan – famed bodybuilder and strongman, and a true pioneer of the home fitness industry.

In his time, Marcyan created innovative fitness machines for home users, including the first compact multi-station weight machine called the ‘All In One’. It was this machine and its successors that paved the way for today’s featured multi gym, the Marcy MD-9010G.

Unlike some other Marcy products, this is no entry-level unit. The MD-9010G is a serious piece of equipment made for home users who are serious about building strength and muscle. Let’s check it out.


Being confronted with the MD-9010G for the first time can be a bit overwhelming – it looks like a commercial gym has thrown up, with a ton of metal, pulleys and cables all vying for your attention!

However, when these components are broken down into their individual stations, the intricate design of this unit becomes apparent.

Taking center stage is the frame – a big, sturdy structure made from heavy-duty tubular steel. This is the heart of the MD-9010G.

At 70” x 83” x 86”, it’s quite an imposing unit – and that’s before you factor in the separate bench (75” x 28.5” x 47”). In short, you’re not going to be able to fold it up or store it away. No, this is a unit that’s designed for a serious home gym.

At the front of the frame is the Smith machine and free weight squat rack. This features a 7-degree slant, which follows the natural movements of both upper and lower body exercises (squats, presses, and so on).

Towards the back of the unit, you will find the butterfly arms of the pec deck; a low pulley and foot rest that makes up the rowing station; and six Olympic weight plate storage pegs.

The next main aspect of this workout station is the bench. This sturdy, multi-purpose bench can be slid into position when you want to bench press or perform other movements using the bench, and can be removed easily when you don’t need the bench present.

It can be used flat or at several degrees of incline, allowing you to hit every angle. Some people won’t get on with the slight curve in the lower portion of the bench. While it is designed to follow the human spine, it may not be the right fit for you if you have a sensitive lower back.

Both the frame and bench are fitted with various attachments and accessories, which we will touch upon in the next section.


Taking the classic at-home multi gym design and building upon it, the MD-9010G is drowning in features!

Of course, it boasts the attachments you would find on many other home gyms under $1,000, such as a pec deck at the rear of the machine, a foot plate for seated rows, a padded leg developer, and a preacher pad that fits onto the bench. All pretty standard fare.

However, as we have touched upon, this unit features so much more. For example, the squat rack – both in free weight and Smith machine form.

It’s no secret that many home gyms lack enough of a challenge for legs. As squats are such a crucial movement in muscle and strength building, this option is a huge plus for people wanting to build a well-rounded physique.

The Smith machine features an Olympic fixed bar and sealed linear ball bearings for a smooth movement, with hooks for self-spotting – a key feature when bench pressing by yourself.

The one caveat is that, while a fixed bar is included on the Smith machine section, there is no Olympic bar in the package – you’ll have to buy one separately.

Still, it’s a small investment for something that will last a lifetime. Trust us, unless you are regularly abusing it or squatting more than 500lbs, you won’t go through many Olympic bars!

In addition to squats, buying a bar will also allow you to make good use of the removable bench for both flat and incline bench pressing, as well as overhead pressing to help develop boulder shoulders.

A huge selling point of this multi gym is that it features a high-pulley dual cable crossover system. This gym staple is not something you usually find on a cheaper home gym unit, so to have this option – in addition to a solid squat rack and multi gym setup – is a huge bonus.

Of course, with such a good design there has to be a catch. Here, it is that the MD-9010G comes with no weight. Each station – from the fixed bar to the leg extender – takes Olympic plates (those with a 2” hole in the center), which are sold separately. You can pick these up at any good sporting goods store or online for a reasonable price.

Weight aside, there is enough packed into this unit to justify the price – boosted further by the inclusion of additional attachments, such as a rope, a lat bar and an ankle strap.


Some manufacturers promise the world, but fail to deliver. While this may be the case with some of the lower-end multi gyms (those that seem too good to be true – and often are), this is not the case with the MD-9010G.

Above everything else, this heavy-duty, sturdy unit is smooth in its operation and feels built to last. Perhaps not quite commercial gym quality – it is under a grand after all – but tough enough to withstand daily use at home.

As we have mentioned, the multiple workout stations and attachments allow you to hit every body part from many angles.

You have the squat rack and leg developer for working your legs; low row and lat pulldowns for your back; bench press and pec deck for your chest; military press for your shoulders; a preacher pad and ropes for your bis and tris; and much more.

The cable crossover station alone is enough to give you a great upper body workout, allowing you to perform chest crossovers, triceps pulldowns, and face pulls. It’s not as versatile as a multi position crossover machine but – as we keep having to remind ourselves – this unit costs less than $1,000.

Are there any negatives of the MD-9010G? Not many. Of course, like many other multi gyms, the butterfly arms don’t offer a full range of motion when in action – at least not compared to a commercial pec deck.

The unit is also missing a pullup bar, which is a bit of a shame. It certainly has the stability and space for one, but we can make peace with the fact that it’s missing. Otherwise this unit is hard to fault.

  • Sturdy, heavy-duty build that inspires confidence
  • Loads of stations allow you to hit multiple muscle groups from multiple angles
  • Features a solid fixed and free weight squat rack
  • Comes with all the accessories you need
  • Weight plates are sold separately
  • No pullup bar – feels like this should be an obvious inclusion
  • Pec deck doesn’t offer great range of motion

Marcy MD-9010G

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The Ver(ve)dict

The Ver(ve)dict

Squats, bench press, bicep curls, low row, military press, leg extensions, chest flyes… you name it, the MD-9010G allows you to do pretty much everything you can do in a commercial gym. For this reason, it’s one of our top picks for building true strength and muscle, if $1,000 is your budget.

Of course, there are some limitations, but – providing you aren’t expecting the same smoothness or stability of a dedicated squat rack, cable crossover or pec deck – you will find great appeal in the MD-9010G.


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Marcy MD-9010G
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