One Rep Max Calculator

Whether you are an experienced powerlifter or simply curious, everybody should have a rough idea of their one rep max (1RM) – the weight you can lift for one repetition – for various exercises.

By using our handy calculator to estimate your 1RM, you don’t have to actually attempt to perform this demanding repetition.

In addition to satisfying curiosity, having your 1RM figure also allows you to determine how much you should lift in other rep ranges.

This is particularly useful when you are trying to gauge how much weight to use with each progressive set – such as 40% or 50% of your 1RM.

How It Works

To use the one rep max calculator, simply enter the weight you are currently using along with how many reps you can perform using that weight. For example, if you can bench press 165lbs for eight reps, enter ‘165’ then select ‘8’ from the drop-down menu below.

A calculation will be made and your one rep max results will be offered, as well as various percentages of this amount.

The beauty of FitnessVerve‘s one rep calculator is that it is not restricted to certain exercises or measurements. So, if you want to know your squat 1RM in pounds, or your bicep curl 1RM in kilograms, you can do so!

Of course, while this calculator is very accurate, be aware that the actual number you can lift for one repetition may differ slightly.

One Rep Max Calculator

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