Treadmill Desks Can Boost Productivity

Treadmill Desks Can Boost Productivity

According to leading health experts, walking is considered as one of the best exercises to maintain optimum health, and despite all the benefits walking could offer, some individuals still spend majority of their time sitting or having a sedentary lifestyle.

The fact is more and more people end up having jobs that put them behind desks for long periods of time, which makes this disadvantageous to their health (since they spend most of the day just sitting). An office worker knows this but is somewhat unable to change his or her routine, simple because they barely have enough time to actually go to the gym or even just walk.

A Healthy and Productive Solution

This is where treadmill desks come in. These ingenious treadmill systems are meant to be used by office or desk workers who cannot get enough time to work on their fitness. These exercise machines already come equipped with a desk top that allows them to work on their documents and answer emails while walking on the tread belt.

While some traditional industries would be reluctant to adapt this system in their offices, there are some modern offices that are more than willing to try this exercise machine. Besides being beneficial for their worker’s health, these machines help in one particular area that makes it also beneficial for the company in the long run: they increase workers’ productivity.

What The Science Says

Health professionals and other scientists have conducted a study on how walking can affect the human body. According to the results, walking leads to not only a more toned body physique, but it also increases blood flow to the brain, thus making the brain more productive and is able to withstand stress more.

With this vital information, several researchers decided to take it a step further and tested more than 43 office workers to see if walking on a treadmill while working would actually improve work quality.

The Test Results

Over the course of a few months of trying to get used to working desk jobs while walking on a treadmill, it was noticed that the quantity and the quality of their worked improved steadily. What’s more, the office workers’ interaction with their colleagues became better.

Their improvement was compared to those who continued sitting behind their desks and showed that the latter group had no productivity boost.

The Take From The Test Results

So what does this mean? Simply put, those who used treadmill desks while working benefited from the benefits of walking, thus giving them an advantage over those who sat behind their desks.

While they walked, several walking benefits which include reduction of stress and increased blood flow to the brain played a part in improving their work, and since these workers have to practice working while walking, they were able to master fine motor challenges, and thus were able to perform much better than their colleagues who were not using treadmill desks.

The Ver(ve)dict!

The Ver(ve)dict!

There are many journals that have already stated the benefits of walking while working desk jobs. Of course, there are still some companies who reject this idea; however, hopefully, in the future, companies would be open to the idea that treadmill desks would not be such a bad idea after all.

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